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Ricky Martin will sing "Sexy and I Know It" on "Glee."

Long before RedFoo and SkyBlu donned banana hammocks in public, Ricky Martin’s rise to stardom was marked by flashy pants and deepening V-necks. One of 2012′s more anticipated performances is Martin’s upcoming guest stint on Glee, which has already begun filming. Because the Grammy winner is heading to Broadway after his time in Lima for a revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita, should we expect a Broadway standard with Rachel and Kurt? Not exactly. Martin’s appearance will include a performance of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It,” per Glee star Matthew Morrison. Bruno Mars was just the beginning! Now the song stands to earn even more validation in the form of a cover version that could possibly outsell the original. What a world.

Lest you’ve forgotten, Mr. Schuester (Morrison) is also McKinley High’s Spanish teacher, although his skills—much like his hair product choices—are brought into question. Martin will play a profesor de español Will meets at his finishing school, and obviously the two hit it off based on their love on impromptu performances. “He comes in and I bring him into the Glee Club and people like, really love him, he’s a great teacher and stuff, so my job is kind of on the line now because the kids really love him,” Morrison told Access Hollywood. “So we have to have a kind of like Espanol-off. So he does a song, I do a song.” Must everything be an “off” on this show? Just checking. Morrison was quieter about his own musical weapon of choice, only revealing that it will be a Spanish-language version of an Elvis Presley song. Let the guessing begin

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Anoche en el evento de Fox All Star Party, Matthew Morrison compartió un poco más de información sobre el episodio con la visita de Ricky Martin, que se filma actualmente y saldrá al aire en Febrero de este año.

Adelanta que estará cantando junto a Martin en un número, el éxito de LMFAO 'I'm Sexy And I Know It'. "Es una canción de LMFAO", dice solamente Morrison, aunque como ya sabíamos, será esta canción.

- Ricky Martin aparecerá en el Episodio 3X12 y cantará 'Sexy and i Know It' de LMFAO

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