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Happy 5th Anniversary LMFAO !!!!

" It marked a birth of a new sound " -RedFoo

Yeah baby this is a big and special day !!! TODAY 4/1 LMFAO meets 5 YEARS !!!!! it's so exciting and I'm so happy for them and I love be FANS of LMFAO .... they are the only band that I love cuz them created the music that I love ELECTRO/HOP this is my style in the world of the music. So RedFoo, Sky blu and All the Party Rock Crew !! I wish u a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!! I LOVE LMFAO BITCH !!!!! Foo and Sky I hope see u here ( Argentina ) Soon !!!



KCA Predictions 2012: Best Song - Party Rock Anthem vs. Sparks Fly

LMFAO are Winner !!!

Sometimes you just gotta let loose and party like the guys in LMFAO. They just wanna have a good time! And if they win you can bet there will be some serious partying going on backstage...
FUN FACT: The single has gone to number one in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Phew!

Nominated For:

Past KCA Honors:
Party Rock is the first single off LMFAO's second album, Sorry for Party Rocking in 2011
The song has sold over 5 million digital downloads in the US
It was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for six weeks straight

Anothers Awards :

NRJ Awards

Won NRJ Award
category Music Video of the Year for "Party Rock Anthem"

Won NRJ Award
category International Group/Duo of the Year

► MTV Anuario 2011

this is all awards I know that LMFAO won ....

SEXY AND I KNOW IT in Marqueen ( March 26 ) Party rock Monday

LMFAO performing Sexy and I Know It song March 26, 2012 at Marquee nightclub in Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Should LMFAO be on the list? (The 2012 TIME 100 Poll) VOTE !!

Ages: Stefan "RedFoo" Kendal Gordy, 36; Skyler "SkyBlu" Austen Gordy, 26
Occupation: Electro-pop duo
Former day trader RedFoo and his nephew SkyBlu make up the twosome LMFAO. They hit it big last year with their insidiously catchy singles "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy and I Know It." In the video for the latter song, the pair dance in Speedos and sing about wiggling. Tasteless and hugely popular, it spawned parodies by everyone from Elmo to Bruce Springsteen. (Thankfully, the Boss did not don a Speedo.)

VOTE HERE !!!! ----> http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2107952_2107953_2109827,00.html

New Product ( Party Rock Clothing ): earrings


Sexy And I Know It Piano Lesson, LMFAO

RedFoo and Party Rock Crew @High Club 03/27/2012


Now this is cute! We’re so used to seeing the guys from LMFAO in Speedos shakin’ that, but it turns out they’re pretty normal — at least sometimes.

Redfoo took a stroll with his mom, who’s clearly proud of her boy. She’s beaming!

The ‘Sexy and I Know It’ singer proves that his onstage persona isn’t that much different, at least in the sartorial sense, from his actual person. He sports his band’s merch, rockin’ a “Party Rock Gym” track jacket, his signature neon animal print pants, a yellow tee and gray kicks.

His Ma Dukes is a bit more subdued. Clad in head to toe black, she does show her support for her son with one statement accessory — she’s wearing one of LMFAO’s signature pixellated heart necklaces! Too cute.

Madonna using Party Rock Clothing ?? ......


LMFAO make Madonna honorary member

LMFAO have revealed they have made Madonna an honorary member of the group after landing a support slot at her Hyde Park show in July.

The ‘Party Rock Anthem’ stars, who also appeared with the Material Girl at last month’s half-time Superbowl show, told the Daily Star they feel they share many similarities with the pop icon:

SkyBlu claimed: “Madonna’s the female LMFAO. It feels so great to be accepted by the pop world. We always wanted to be compared to people like Madonna.

“She entertained the world whether it was a movie, her live shows or her records. That is what LMFAO do. We aren’t just one song, we are a lifestyle and we are about making people laugh.”

The Los Angeles duo, currently in the UK Top 40 with 'Sorry For Party Rocking,' also revealed their amazing run of success has inspired them to make a film alongside their next album:

Redfoo said: “To us this is all like a movie. We made the soundtrack to our lives. If you love the lifestyle, the humour and the way we dress, then you like our movie. It’s a continual movie so when we’re too busy to get involved with other projects we have to explain: ‘We’re like making Avatar over here.’

“For the next album we want to make a movie, our Purple Rain. We talked about it a lot and it feels right now.”

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Who came to Party !!?? ( Dates !! )

Apr 21 Sky & Big Bad U - Figali Convention Center Panama City, Panama Apr 26 Sky & Big Bad U - Hangar Centro de Convencoes Belem, Brazil
Apr 27 Sky & Big Bad U - Siarra Hall Fortaleza, Brazil
Apr 29 Sky & Big Bad U - MIX Garden Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Apr 30 Sky & Big Bad U - Diamond Convention Center Manaus, Brazil
Jul 01 LMFAO - DCU Center Worcester, MA
Jul 04 LMFAO - Molson Canadian Amphitheatre Toronto, Canada Tickets

Kap Slap + 3LAU - Turbulent Rock Anthem (LMFAO ft. Lil Jon, Aoki, Laidback Luke) [AA]

Friday Party Rock Design ( Foo )

is simple but I LOVE IT :D ( pic done by me )

This is what happened to SkyBlu (fr)

LMFAO - Rock That Beat + Sorry For Party Rocking (Palacio Vistalegre, Madrid. Marzo 2012)

Beat Rock - Madrid 2012

Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)

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22 de abril ----> Caracas, Terraza del CCCT.
24 de abril ----> Valencia, terraza de naguanagua
( Sky blu, Shwayze, Mark Rosas, Chelsea Korka, Smith agent smithand BLAC )

Redfoo & Party Rock Clothing @ MAGIC 2012

We went hard at Magic in Las Vegas, Nevada this year! Representing Party Rock to the fullest!

Redfoo Makes History With Beat Rock App

Redfoo made history this month using the Beat Rock App while DJing his full set for the first time, and we got the EXCLUSIVE footage. While connected through bluetooth and attached to the mixer, from his iPhone (app also works with iPads), foo went through an hour long DJ set and showcased how versatile the app is by using its built in efx, user-friendly features and blended tracks seamlessly.

What if he could have recorded his set and put it right on Soundcloud that same night With Beat Rock, it's not could he but will he With the app, you can record your live sets and directly upload them to your Soundcloud page. And with all of our busy schedules, what if there was an app that could let you practice on-the-fly, anywhere, without a midi-interface There is; Beat Rock! Just imagine practicingpreparing a set on your lunch break or on a plane, since Serato doesn't give you the two turntable feature. Now do you see why Afrojack told Redfoo, You made this F@# you! - DJ Dainjazone

Yeah baby !!! LMFAO- First place in the List of LOS 40 PRINCIPALES

Look !! w/ the song "sexy and I know it" LMFAO are in place NUMBER ONE in the list of "Los 40 Pincipales" aaaa !!!! U CAN LOOK HERE ---> http://www.los40principales.com.ar/musica/listas/

siii !!!! en Los 40 principales argentina LMFAO esta en el primer puesto !!!!!! con la cancion SEXY AND I KNOW IT !!! q bien !! felicitaciones para nuestros queridos y amados REDFOO AND SKY BLU !!! WE LOVE U LMFAO !!!