domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

LMFAO win in ....

Yeah baby this is the awards that LMFAO won !!!!!

aaaaaaaa !!! OMG i'm so so happy FINALLY LMFAO WON !!!!! thanks god !!!! I LOVE U LMFAO

tweets of gratitude:


► @SkysNuts - "i just found out that we won 2 @NRJawards!!! Thank u 2 all the fans who voted 4 us!! n thank u @redfoo 4 accepting the award 4 both of us!!!"

► @SkysNuts - "we did it!!!!!!!!!!! @Redfoo @LMFAO @BigBadU @partyrockcrw @NRJawards"

► @SkysNuts - "Without our fans none of this would have been possible!!!!!!!!! thank you 4 all the luv and support!!!!!! we luv you!!!!! #partyrockers!!!!!"

► @SkysNuts - "Thank you @NRJMusicAwards 4 having us!!!!!!! sorry that i couldn't make it!!!!!!!!"


► @RedFoo - "We did it!!!. @SkysNuts ... Thanks to all fans (LMFAOsters, wiggle masters, Party Rockers, shufflin Zomb zombs, ... We love you!!"

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