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Lancaster DJ to 'party rock' the Super Bowl

As the electro "party rockers" of LMFAO climb their way up the pop music charts, a Lancaster native and Warwick High School graduate is along for the ride.
Mike Herr, or "Party Mike" as he is professionally known, began his career as a DJ and party planner at Lancaster city's Brickyard Restaurant and Sports Bar.
Now, Herr serves as a supporting DJ and road manager for LMFAO on world tours, and will assist the group this Sunday at its Super Bowl Halftime Show performance.
Other artists on the bill include Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Cee Lo Green.
"It's been quite an experience," Herr said of the past nine months, in which he and LMFAO circled the world twice. "Always an eventful time."
At the Super Bowl, it's unclear whether or not Herr will appear in the show itself.
"It's up to Madonna," he said. "She gets to pick and choose which boy toys she wants onstage."
Even if he doesn't make the cut, he has plenty to do.
Herr's job description is nebulous and lacks a title, he said, but the role includes logistics and promotion as well as live performance.
Most recently, he led an expo at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on LMFAO's upcoming iPhone/iPad app, Beat Rock, which streamlines the DJing process.
LMFAO singer Stefan Gordy assisted in the app's development and often uses it to DJ his sets, Herr said, and that it will be available in about two weeks.
Musically, Herr said that he is not involved in the writing process but that his input factors into LMFAO's general campaign.
"I help create and throw some ideas out on the table," he said.
The video for LMFAO's 2011 hit single "Sexy and I Know It", which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, featured tear-away clothing recycled from Herr's skit at the 2011 Redbull Flugtag competition in Philadelphia, he said.
"The tear-away idea came from the speedos, which was something we wanted to try," Herr said. "It's just the shock factor, really."
After the Super Bowl, LMFAO will perform at three different after-parties then depart for Canada on its Cherry Tree Tour.
The journey then extends into northern Europe, and then again into China and Japan.
Beyond that, the horizon brims with parties.
"Party rock the world," Herr said when asked about his plans.
"Party rock the world."

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