viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Is Kelly a Foo's girlfriend ?? or Just a Rumor ???

EveryBody we want to know... if kelly is a girlfriend of RedFoo !! ... but we have a lot of tracks... For example: Foo and Kelly have a lot of photo together !!! no the old photo if not a NEW PHOTOS of this year !!! ...and the final tracks is the tweet of DJ Tiesto ... Why Dj tiesto is the final tracks ?? cuz, as previously stated, for this tweet :

Tweet of Tiesto: " @RedFoo ask your girl Kelly to send me those pants! ;)"

 OH SHIT !! :S .... Well maybe that Foo finally found the love ..... I'm very disappointed but if is Foo happy, I will happy too :D !!!

What do you thing about this supposed (not confirmed) romance ???

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